Welcome to the Innocence Record Exoneree Site

This document database and website are the products of a unique collaboration between Winston & Strawn LLP and The Innocence Project that was formed in the fall of 2003.

The Innocence Project has directly or indirectly been involved in the vast majority of the cases contained within the Record. Without its tireless efforts on behalf of its clients, there simply is no record to compile.

The public records and files were gathered through the cooperation and perseverance of numerous Winston & Strawn LLP volunteers, including attorneys, court personnel, paralegals and law students. Hundreds more Winston & Strawn attorney and summer associates volunteers "data-mined" salient information from each file to create a summary abstract . The gathering and mining effort is ongoing and has consumed more than 20,000 volunteer hours to date. In addition, Winston & Strawn technology staff has devoted significant time and energy to developing the technology for storing, searching and presenting this information.

Both Winston & Strawn and The Innocence Project would like to acknowledge and thank the assistance of Merrill Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. Merrill document management experts imaged and stored all of the case files on a pro bono basis. Microsoft provided the software for the project through its Tech Soup program and also donated hardware for the website.

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